The Sooner The Better

The Sooner The Better

I figured I did enough Rodney-ragging-on-Cassie bits, so since Oklahoma came out on top this past Saturday, it was time for Cassie to bust some balls.

"Say, that 'ass' line sounds familiar..."

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - (MHO, greeting Cassie at the break room at work) "Goood Morning, Maggie! And isn't it a looovely morning?" (MHO) "Well, you're in a good mood today… did you get some over the weekend?" (CW) "Wellll, not really… Unless you count someone else's college football team getting FUCKED by someone ELSE'S college football team! YO RODNEY! Tell me how my ass tastes!" (RO enters, not at all happy) "FUCK OFF, CUNT." (MHO, who is getting VERY tired of this) "Sweetie, how about you get over it so I can GET SOME as well?"

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