A Whole New Arc - Part 11

Part 11

I've got many different ideas knocking about as to where Joan will eventually settle... part of me wants to put her in New Orleans, part of me wants her to go to Montreal, and I'm also thinking of keeping her in Dallas, in an old-world-style village such as this unique development called Adriatica.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [The Manhattan skyline] (CW) "Here we are! New York, one of the biggest cities in the 'New World'." (Joan) "This is supposed to be like York?" (MG) "Just like 'New England' isn't really an island, or 'New London' is nowhere near the size of London..." (CW) "New Orleans does have a few areas similar to Orleans, though... There's the French Quarter, aka the 'Vieux Carre'." (Joan) "There is a New Orleans here in America? That sounds like a city I could live in!" (MG) Maybe we should warn her about what goes on during Mardi Gras..." (Joan) "Mardi Gras? Is that like Carnival?" (MG) "Um... Yes... Except people get more... uninhibited during the celebration." (CW) "We'll... have to educate you on the concept of willful exhibitionism and the proper way to react to it."

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