A Whole New Arc - Part 10

Part 10

Looks like we're learning new things about the Scotts:

  1. They're a Catholic family. (Mine was too.)
  2. Carmen picked St. Joan Of Arc for her confirmation middle name.
  3. Carmen knows all about Keith's profession, as well as the time-travel secret. Whether or not she's involved with Keith's agency I haven't decided yet... but I may expound on this sometime in the future.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - (CW, back in their stateroom) "Look, we weren't gonna do this if we knew it wouldn't work!" (KS) "That's not the point! One misstep, and you could've blow the time-travel secret wide open, and that would have been hell for us to fix! I ought to just take all you time-machine stuff away and send her back to the middle ages... But since my family's Catholic, and I felt like Joan got cheated as well, I'll let this slide... but PLEASE no more high-profile 'rescues'!" (CW) "We promise!" (KS) "When we get back, I'll go ahead and set Joan up with the documentation she needs. For now, just enjoy the rest of the Voyage. Go and have fun!" (Joan, leaving with Cassie) "Thank you, Sir!" (Carmen Scott, entering after they leave) "Thank you for going easy on them. My confirmation namesake has suffered enough, you know!" (KS) "Okay, dear, I kept my promise... Now will you please lift the nookie embargo already?"

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