A Whole New Arc - Part 9

Part 9

May 30th is actually the Feast Day for St. Joan Of Arc, so why not make it Joan's new "birthday"?

(EDIT 4-7-17) Now that I think about it, I should've mentioned something about her serving a year or two in the French military.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [A cruise ship, somewhere on the Atlantic; our heroes and Joan are relaxing in lounge chairs on the deck of the ship] (CW) "Let's go over this one more time... your new name is...?" (Joan) "Joan Christine Arquette." (CW) "And your birthday is now...?" (Joan) "May 30th, 1991." (CW) "And your REVISED history...?" (Joan) "I was born and raised on a farm near Domremy-La-Pucelle. My parents died when I was 16, and I came to America to live with my 'Aunt Nicki' until I can live on my own." (CW, seeing a server and waving her down) "GOOD! Oh miss... Another round of drinks, please!" (Joan) "I want to try the Pina Colada!" (Server) Comin' right up!" (MG) "Passenger ships are a lot more fun in the 21st Century, amirite?" (Joan) "Yes, I'm having an awful... I mean, awesome time! Sorry..." (CW) "No worries, you're doing fine with modern American English... Nicki's teaching you well! And when we get home, I'll introduce you to another 'time transplant' of mine... She's from 14th Century Ireland, so you two should get along fairly good!" (Joan) "That sounds wonderful!" (CW, thinking) "Now all that remains is what to tell Agent Scott." (MG, looking off to his left) "Well, think of something quick..." (KS) "Hi! Two questions: Would you three like to play some shuffleboard? And ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MINDS?!?!"

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