A Whole New Arc - Part 8

Part 8

Joan's got a lot of catching up to do, doesn't she...

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - (CW, outside the Hotel Lagace, with Joan) "Now remember...You'll be seeing things that'll make no sense to you... Things that seem like magic or sorcery, but in reality made by ordinary human beings." (Joan, followed by MG in the background) "I think I can handle that." (CW) "Good! Also... Very important... England and France are at peace... In fact, other than a few places in Asia and Africa, there are no wars going on at all. Plus, there's a couple of lands that have been discovered later on in your century. We come from those lands, named North and South America." [They arrive at the Joan of Arc monument in Rouen] (Joan, reading) "Saint... Jeanne... D'Arc?" (CW) "Um... Yyyyeah. After your presumed death, the Catholic church declares you a martyr... And five hundred years later, the Pope gives you sainthood." (Joan) "I don't know if I want to stay here... This is way too strange for me." (CW) "Well, you can always come with us to America. Plenty of opportunity and quite a few places that'll feel like home!" (MG) "Or if you want, we can take you back to the middle ages and you can live a quiet life far away from France!" (Joan) "No, I'd like to go with you to this America... (suddenly clasping her head) AIEEE!" (MG) "JOAN! WHAT'S WRONG???" (Joan) "I'm HEARING VOICES! And they're MUCH LOUDER than BEFORE!" (CW) "Crap, I read about this... Um, what are they saying, Joan?" (Joan, reciting slowly) "`I want your ugly, I want your disease'!" (MG, looking skyward) "Great, we gotta explain the radio to her now..." [Random bystander walks past with a boom-box, playing "Bad Romance" by Lady Gaga]

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