A Whole New Arc - Part 7

Part 7

You can't really blame her for doing that... people from her time used chamber pots for excrement disposal, after all.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - (CW, in the other room, as we see a sleeping Joan) "...Good, no big changes to her history... Still canonized in 1920... (Joan awakes, hearing voices from the other room) Heh... 'A large plume of smoke went up, and people heard faint thunder on an otherwise clear day.'" (MG, still in the other room) "At least they re-ignited 'Joan' a couple more times to make sure she was dead... Ashes dumped in the Seine... That definitely works in our favor!" (CW, in the other room, not realizing that Joan is awake – and is sitting up with a start, wondering of the voices she is hearing!) "So, she's 19 years old... that means her re-oriented birth year would have to be 1991." (MG, in the other room, as Joan rises to see where the voices are coming from) "She needs a genuine last name, too." (CW) "Hmmm... Arcana? Arcstein?" (MG) "Van Ark? ...Arkaville? ...Arkham?" (CW) "I got it... Arquette! You know, like David Arquette?" (MG, standing next to Cassie, who is on her laptop) "Cool! That'll work perfe— (Joan enters the room) Oh, she's awake!" (Joan) "MON DIEU!" (CW) "JOAN! Just take it easy, we'll explain everything... You speak any English?" (Joan, very uncertain) "Um... A little." (CW) "Listen... We're time travelers. We saved you from a fiery death and..." (Joan, walking off) "Pardonnez-moi!" (MG) "...Aaand she just peed in the ice bucket." (CW, chasing after her) "Okay... FIRST order of business, there's something we use now for... uh, soiling or making water..."

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