A Whole New Arc - Part 6

Part 6

Yeah, I know I could've stretched out this plot over a few more weeks of strips, but I've got only so many more to do on this storyline before I start a new one next month.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [1431; Rouen, France – the "Maid of Orleans", Joan of Arc is about to be executed at the stake; We see a hand take a photo of her as she is tied to the stake; then the flames as they are applied to her pyre; Joan closes her eyes as the flames reach the level of her waist... She's about to lose consciousness from the smoke inhalation as a FZZZZT appears and three smoke bombs burst over the fire! POOF! A wire cutter snaps her bonds off as the "Fake" Joan is plopped down onto the fire, and FZZZZT as a body is burned from the flames...The executioner looks on to the pyre, and as he sees a charred-beyond-recognition body... (Executioner) "She's DEAD." [4000 BC] (Nicki, who has come to a completely different diagnosis over the singed figure of Joan of Arc, as Cassie and Matt look on) "She's ALIVE."

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