A Whole New Arc - Part 5

Part 5

I'm totally guessing at how long it takes for a shipping vessel to get from Houston to Amsterdam. I guess that'll give Cassie and Matt a few extra days to take in the Dutch sights and sounds (and pot and prostitutes).

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [On a "big ol' Jet Airliner" across the Atlantic] (CW, talking to Matt) "So we're gonna have to time this perfectly... We're flying into Amsterdam so we don't arouse suspicions, then we'll head over to Rouen, the execution site.... Matt, you'll go back to the morning of the execution and get into one of the buildings where you can take a picture of Joan so we'll know exactly what she looks like. That way we can dress 'fake Joan' accordingly. And make a note of exactly when the flames get high enough to about her waist, that's when we'll need to set the destination time. Next we pinpoint the exact location of the woodpile, then we go back to before the town got settled, like 4000 BC, and use that as our base. Then, we open a time window, set off the smoke bombs, throw the 'fake Joan' in... while at the same time Nicki frees Joan and takes her back through the time window!" (MG) "Sounds like a plan! Let's hope Nicki and Foxy get there in time!" (CW) "I went back a week to ship them so I could time the arrival of Nicki and the Joan replacement perfectly." (MG, off-screen, over a photo of the cargo ship sailing across the Atlantic) "Cool... I still wish we could've taken them on the plane with us!" (CW, off-screen also) "Matt, you know she would raise a lot of security red flags... (close-up of the crate: "TOP SECRET MATERIALS") It's better and way less conspicuous this way!" (Nicki, in the crate with "Foxy", to herself) I sure hope no one opens this crate before Cassie or Matt get here. This would look very scandalous.

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