A Whole New Arc - Part 3

Part 3

And we come to the gist of the stunt-dummy thing. It was either this or have Matt steal a cadaver from a medical school.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - (CW, sitting on the couch with Matt – and "Foxy", who's got the nachos in her lap) "Seriously, Matt? You can't keep this fake girl here. It'll freak everyone out, it'll ruin your dating, and you don't have any closet space to stash it!" (MG) "Well, I don't wanna just dispose of it... There's gotta be a way we can put this to good use!" (CW) "Like what? A sculpture? Practical joke? Film our own 'Weekend At Bernie's'?" (MG) "Hmmm... How about we use it to save someone from a wrongful death? Like put her in place of some innocent woman who's about to be executed?" (CW, reaching over to the lap of "Foxy" to get some chips) "It would have to be way back in the past. We'd never get away with it as long as there's forensics units." (MG) "And we can't have a lot of witnesses to the execution." (CW) "And what if someone in the present decides to exhume her? It'd be really suspicious if her remains don't even turn out to be human!" (MG) "Right... It would have to be someone burned at the stake. Evidence then goes up in smoke." (CW) "Plus we have the flames as a cover. That solves the 'witnesses' problem." (MG) "We'd better decide our objective right here and now. You know Agent Scott would put the kibosh on this." (CW, munching on nachos) "And he's not showing up now, so that means we have a very good chance of succeeding!"

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