A Whole New Arc - Part 2

Part 2

Matt, of course, named her "Foxy" after the studio she came from... 20th Century Fox.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - (MG, looking at the body on the couch) "Ah, I see you've met 'Foxy'!" (CW) "FUCKING HELL, Matt! I never thought you'd be into necrophilia!" (MG) "...And I'm NOT! She's a stunt dummy sent to me by my friend who works in Hollywood as a special effects supervisor! This was gonna be used for a horror film, but the studio decided to go the CGI route at the last minute... So instead of throwing it out, he sent it to me as a gift! She looks authentically real, right? Even her insides are fabricated bones and real preserved animal guts... This was gonna be used in an disembowelment scene, after all! Makes for a great conversation piece, don't you think?" (CW) "Talk it up all you want... It still looks like you own a glorified sex toy." (MG) "-Sigh- I was afraid of that..."

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