Lost In Translation... Or Transportation

Lost In Translation... Or Transportation

Call it an "artistic cameo". I'm not that good at drawing manga-style people, so I decided to enlist the aid of one Halo Seraphim, who does some stuff at ShoNuff Studios, and she drew up an excellent anime version of Cassie!

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - (BG, on the phone) "hello?" (CW) "Hey, Bethany! I made it to Tokyo for Nano-Japan!" (BG) "Cool! How ya feeling after that long flight?" (CW) "Well, I felt fine until I stepped off the plane." (BG) "Uh-oh... Are you okay???" (CW) "OH! YEAH! I'm not sick or anything... (Cassie, on a pay phone, in full anime mode, drawn by Halo Seraphim of Deranged Comics) ...but there's something about this place that makes me feel just a little bit... different!"

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