Hey, look who's back... it's Jenny Everywhere! Tomorrow's Jenny Everywhere Day in the webcomic world, so here's my contribution to that.

This isn't Jenny's first foray into TLT, by the way... she was also in this strip inspiring... something else.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - (CW spots an old friend in downtown Dallas) "JENNY! What're YOU doing here in Dallas?" (Jenny Everywhere) "I thought I'd check out that new Cowboys Stadium in Arlington." (CW) "`Jerry-World'? That place sure is massive!" (JE) "Yeah, I just wanted to take the tour. I couldn't afford a game if I tried!" (CW) "I'm curious... How do you earn a living with all that traveling around you do?" (JE) "It's not much... A few odd jobs here and there, and a lot of the 'kindness from strangers' thing." (CW) "Well, I think I have an idea for a good revenue stream... We'll just need to go back to 1947 to get it going." (JE) "Really? I'm all ears!" [Later] (MG, as they wander through an appliance store) "You mean to tell me you made her the founder of 'Jenn-Air'???" (CW) "Well, I made it a partnership with some guy named Louis, but yeah. She hit the jackpot after they sold the company to 'Maytag'!"

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