Meet Me Halfway - Part 6

Part 6

All those trips to the Old West - and all those dalliances with the cowboys of that time - seem to have affected what Cassie finds attractive.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [Meanwhile, over at the Hampton Inn... there's a knock on the door of room 338; and Philip answers] (CW) "Hey, Philip?" (PW) "Hi Cassie! What's up?" (CW, handing him a cowboy hat) "Sorry to bother you again... But... Could you put this on?" (PW) "Well, alright... (puts it on, adjusting it) I'm not even into country music that much, but I suppose it's a good look for me. (long pause as Cassie simply STARES at him, then) Sooo... Can I take this off n--" (CW, GRABBING him) "FUCK ME."

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