Meet Me Halfway - Part 4

Part 4

Throwing in a few more interesting details about Philip...

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - (PW) "...So after the divorce, I was in a six-year relationship with another lady, and that ended last year." (CW) "Wow... You've been through quite a lot!" (PW) "Yep. Nothin' I can do now but live my life... In real time and in cyberspace. I keep my laptop with me so I can log on during any downtime." (CW) "That's a nice setup!" (PW) "So what've you been up to lately?" (CW) "Well, after I broke up with Chad, I've just been trying to keep busy. And I have been, for the most part. Fortunately I've manage to find the time do everything I want without stretching myself too thin." (PW) "Got any hobbies?" (CW) "Not... many, really. I do have a fascination for history, both ancient and recent. I like to travel a lot when I can." (PW) "I do some cosplaying when I'm back at home. It's quite fun, especially when West Texas Comic-Con rolls around with folks from all over dressing up." (CW) "Sounds like a good time!" (PW) "Yep, sure is... So do you cosplay? Just dress up in costumes and act out stuff from long ago or in the future?" (CW, looking up and away) "Um... In a way, yeah..."

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