The Cotton-Flying Effect

The Cotton-Flying Effect

So why doesn't Cassie have a classic car collection on par with Jay Leno's? Well, she doesn't want to pay for a warehouse rental or the upkeep on them all. She'll just buy a car, take it for a spin, and sell it when she's done.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [1959] (CW) "How cool is it that we're cruisin' down Route 66 in a '57 T-bird convertible?" [Dog in the road! Or is that a Coyote?] (BG) "LOOK OUT!" (CW) "shit!!!" [CRUNNNCH into a cotton field in West Texas... with an interesting result: POOF!] (BG) "And how random is it that the cotton plants you just destroyed would've eventually become your vintage-50's bikini top?" (CW, angrily over her shades) "SHUT UP AND GIVE ME YOUR BLOUSE!..."

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