Pre-screening Mr. Goodbar

Pre-screening Mr. Goodbar

FTF = From The Future, in case you haven't figured it out yet.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - (CW, on the prowl at a bar, to herself) Okay... Cassie wants a good old-fashioned one night stand... Who'll be the lucky guy? (turns to look at a guy in a vest) Hmmm, He looks like an interesting character... BZZZT (TEXT MSG FROM: Nicki (FTF) Don't do it! He's a date-rapist who will also steal your credit cards!) Whoa... okay, moving on... (guy in a blue shirt) Hey, mister smooth and suavelooking... you seem doable BZZZT (TEXT MSG FROM: Nicki (FTF) Stay away. He's married with kids, and you'll end up getting sucked into a nasty court battle!) Wow... Never mind... (Balding Black guy) "Hi there! Can I buy your lovely self a drink?" (CW, uncertain now) "Ummm..." (to herself, holding her phone) No warnings from the future? He's a go, then! (to him) "Sure!" (CW, to Wanda – who knows NOTHING about Cassie's time travel) "Wanda? I'm gonna leave with him... I'll call you later!" (Wanda) "You are one brave chick, girl... How are you NOT wary about most of these men?" (CW) "Let's just say I have a special guardian angel watching over me..."

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