Puncturing The Punctual

Puncturing The Punctual

Don't YOU wish you could do this?...

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - (MG, realizing his clock reads 9:04; to himself) Aw, fuck... I forgot to set my alarm!!! [pulling up to the front of CHANDARLIS TRAVEL, right next to TerCon – the first external shot of where the three friends work] I am so fired this time, I just know it. I better sneak around back... Dammit, if only I could go back and wake myself up or... Hey wait! Duhhh. I have a friend with a time machine. I'll just go next door and ask her if I could borrow it. Then I can relax and take all the time I need. Let's see. There should be an entrance TerCon right around – What the... (MG speaking as he catches Cassie doing EXACTLY what he was going to do) "HA! I knew it!!!" [The two walk away from a disappearing time portal in front of NationBank, where the clock reads 7:56] "So how often does this happen, Miss 'Always On Time'?" (CW) "Ain't tellin'."

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