Let's Intersect Our Polygons - Part 3

Part 3

It's Onomatopoeia Day in the webcomics world... where all participating comics have to use "onomatopoeia" as an actual sound effect somewhere in their comic. Hence panel 3.

Also, I hope you like the new typeface (Anime Ace). I've actually been using it in my other comic, SouthCybers, for over a year now.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [World2] [CW is typing "one-handed"] (P78TX) Does that feel good? (NCDFW) If that was actually happening to me, I would be blissful :) [P78TX is laying on top of NCDFW – on the blanket on the "virtual bed"] (P78TX) I'm so hard right now (NCDFW) I'm only using my left hand to type, if ya know what I mean :p [CW is struggling to type clearly] (P78TX) I'm getting close 8D (NCDFW) same here oh shit adasfdadsgagaergerawgfavfrwefwecdcrdvsz [shaking, leaning back in her chair as "ONOMATOPOEIA" is the sound of the keyboards when....] (MG, off-screen) "CASSIE? You in here???" (CW, turning suddenly) "WHAT THE... [CRASH! She falls back in her chair] OOF!!!" (BG) "Matt pulled up at the same time I did and..." (MG, looking down at her on the floor) "OH SHIT! Are you OKAY?" (CW, reaching up with ... something dripping from her right hand) "Um, yeah, Matt... C'mon, help me up!"

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