Let's Intersect Our Polygons - Part 2

Part 2

While I'm using Second-Life-ish terms in the virtual-world chatting, it's not really supposed to be Second Life that they're in. (SL gives everyone first AND last names, and I didn't feel like giving Cassie and Philip new monikers.)

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [World2] (NCDFW) So how does this virtual sex stuff work again? (P78TX) First we teleport to one of the "Mature" sections of the world, and then we find a good place that fits mood, like an enchanted forest or a dimly lit nightclub. (NCDFW) I know a good place... go to Husberg 97, 144, 50 [rendering is of a bedroom with a king-size bed and an end table] (P78TX) VERY nice! (NCDFW) Cool, huh? And there's a popular dance club downstairs. (P78TX) Okay, so you activate the gesture pack provided and when we're ready, we get on the bed and just take turns performing various things on each other. (NCDFW) Strange... yet alluring. [P78TX is laying back on the bed on his shoulders, as NCDFW "climbs" atop him] (P78TX) So are we gonna do this... In real life? Good old-fashioned cybersex? (NCDFW) My hand's ready when yours is ;) (P78TX) And shouldn't our characters be more appropriately dressed? (NCDFW) Oh of course! How... [poof! Cassie's blue dress disappears with a POINK] ...silly of me! (P78TX) That was too quick. I mean, just deleting clothing kinda takes away from the sensuality, doesn't it? (NCDFW) Agreed. They need to develop a good "clothing-removal" gesture for stuff like this. :/

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