Let's Intersect Our Polygons - Part 1

Part 1

This one's gonna be a nice little four-parter. And you finally get to see Cassie's virtual-universe character from the front view.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [World2] (P78TX) Long time no see! How's things with you? (NCDFW) I'm holding up. (P78TX) I can see that. ;) (NCDFW) Eyes up here, pervo :P (P78TX) Can't a man compliment a woman on how well-built her virtual form is? [Close-up of Philip78TX's avatar – black suit, red tie, Gray hair that sticks out] (NCDFW) You've got some balls tonight, hitting on a woman who just broke up with her BF (P78TX) Oh shit. I'm sorry. I didn't know your situation. (NCDFW) LOL I'm messing with ya. We broke up a month ago. Feel free to hit on me some more :) [From Philip's viewpoint: NanoCass has yellow wings, bluish skin with "cats eyes" and antennae, pink hair and a purple dress with a midriff] (P78TX) What are some good pickup lines to use in a virtual reality world? (NCDFW) That's a good question! "Are you a griefer? Cuz you just flamed my heart" (P78TX) "How about the two of us render ourselves into something more comfortable" (NCDFW) "Why don't you warp to my parcel of land sometime"... or even better, "Your million-prim pad or mine?" (P78TX) "Nice pixels, wanna cyberfuck? (NCDFW) You're such a charmer :P

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