Seriously? - Part 14

Part 14

Billy Joel said it best... it's all a matter of trust.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - (KS) "I know he tried to promise to keep our secret… But his will would have eventually given in, no matter what. And as time machine utilization gets out of control, the chain events would be ruptured, and we would've had the anachronistic chaos that you just witnessed… had you not erased his memory." (CW, sitting with her arms around her knees) "I just wish we didn't have to break up in the process… But I guess that was inevitable if I couldn't trust him." (KS) "So... Are you gonna be okay?" (CW) "Yeah... I think so..." (KS) "Believe me, I know how it feels to be alone like that. When you're in a complicated situation that can't be shared with just anyone." (CW) "Carmen must be extra special to you, then, huh?" (KS) "Yes indeed. She understands my line of work and the time away from home it requires sometimes. And despite all that, she's still faithful to me. And you'll find someone just as special. I can guarantee it. hell, I wouldn't blame you if you went into the past to find that special someone! Just, you know, make sure he would have died a single man before you take him." (CW) "Heh... thanks, but I think I'll stick with finding someone in the here and now."

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