Seriously? - Part 13

Part 13

It IS gonna be pretty hard for Cassie to find true love... then again, the time machine and neuralyzer combo does provide a handy honesty test.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - (Chad, confused) "But… Weren't we gonna try…" (CW) "Chad, dear… I'm sorry… I… I'm having some doubts…" (Chad) "Doubts? About what? I thought we were getting along great!" (CW) "There's just… some trust issues. And I really don't like what my gut feeling is telling me." (Chad, still somewhat confused) "Trust??? But… You said earlier…" (CW) "I'm really sorry, Chad. I think we need to just… be apart for a while." (Chad, angry) "Fine. If that's how you're gonna be, don't fucking call me anymore. You can keep the damn ring." (CW) "CHAD…!" (KS, in the potted plant) "You did the right thing, Cassie." (CW) "- Sigh- Thanks, Agent Scott… I guess."

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