Seriously? - Part 12

Part 12

This scene contains something I've expounded on in my FAQ page... and something left over from the final part of "Time Scene Investigation".

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - (CW, realizing she's in a world of trouble, to herself) Shit! He's gonna let my secret out and fuck up the timeline! (loudly, to Chad, as things keep popping into existence behind them) "CHAD! You have to promise me you won't tell ANYONE about my TIME MACHINE!!!" (Chad) "Well, it seems like a waste, but… okay." (CW, looking around, to herself) Everything's calmed down now… But will that all disappear? (Chad, speaking again) "This is such a powerful secret, I guess you gotta be careful…" (CW, pulling out the neuralyzer as it gets EVEN WORSE in the background, to herself) Seriously? -Sigh- Chad, you leave me no choice... (Chad, turning away and just now noticing all the buildings and habitats that have popped up in an otherwise serene park) "It just seems a shame that… what the fuck???" (CW, to herself quickly) Ten minutes ought to do it… (loudly to Chad) "CHAD! LOOK AT ME!" (Chad) "WHAT? I… [FZZAP, pause, then] Uh, what happened…? Everything's a blur…" (CW, to herself) The neuralyzer worked! [POOF as the buildings all disappear in the background] (to Chad) "Um… yeah… Must've been those cocktails we drank!" (Chad) "So… what were we discussing again?" (CW, somewhat sadly) "Why a serious relationship won't work between us."

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