Seriously? - Part 6

Part 6

And here we get the details about Cassie's "first time". It was a bit of a challenge to find the right pictures of Six Flags because there were so many rides (added AFTER 1995) that I had to avoid putting in there.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - (Chad, incredulous) "You got laid at... THIRTEEN?" (CW) "Yyyeah. It's a long and crazy story. (CW, telling the story of her and Allen Jefferson) I was already a high school freshman and on the drill team. It was May of 1995 and we were on a field trip to Six Flags with the marching band. [Younger Cassie and Bethany, with Allen in the foreground] I was well into puberty and taking an interest in boys… And Allen Jefferson, a senior in the band, had caught my eye. [Cassie talking to Allen] I didn't even know how I approached him… But we happened to bump into each other at the park. We were both separated from our own groups, so most of the day was spent hanging out together. [Cassie and Allen on the flume ride] We got more flirtatious as the day went on, and it wasn't long before we were making out a lot. Once we got back to our friends, we went our separate ways and kept our encounter to ourselves. [Cassie is tugging Allen into a hotel room] Then, back at the hotel, everyone got together for an after-party in a couple of the suites. Allen and I found each other, and we decided to sneak away. We found an open, unoccupied room and we really went at it. [Kissing] Now I was already taught the basics of sex – as well as the complications and dangers – and I even signed one of those abstinence pledges like the good little East Texas girl I was… [Silhouette of the two on the bed] ...But Allen awoke feelings of passion in me that were strange yet exhilarating. There was nothing that my conscience could do… I was willing to take this moment of pleasure as far as it would go. [CLICK! Lights come up on the pair] And with a flick of a switch… That moment came crashing down.

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