Seriously? - Part 4

Part 4

Sometimes you don't want pesky tourists, judgmental missionaries or shocked explorers getting in the way of a scenic lovemaking session.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - (BG) "So what are you gonna do about Chad and him wanting to go steady?" (CW) "Well… He seems like someone that I could give up all other men for… I might give it a shot." (BG) "You know that eventually you're gonna have to tell him about your 'little secret'…" (CW) "I know… And that'll be the ultimate trust issue, right? What I'll do is arrange for a little dinner date in a couple of weeks, ask where he wants us to go from here… And if he's still serious about wanting to be in a committed relationship with me, that's when I'll spring the time-travel on him." (BG) "I hope he likes having sex in the middle of the Grand Canyon!" (CW) "Oooh… I love the echo there! Did you know that you can go back even four million years and it'll still look the way it is today?"

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