Great Expectations - Part 12

Part 12

This ends the Cassie-gets-pregnant storyline.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - (CW) "So… About my future generations…" (GCW) "Well, since you gave this kid up for adoption, the family lineage will still remain intact… Though it'll definitely shake things up for a few other people. But you can relax. Julie and everybody are still around. (Julie appears, with a box) In fact, Julie's in line to inherit my time machine and its schematics. She's very good at keeping important secrets. And one more thing… I decided to find out what exactly happened to Emmett… The answer's right here in this box." (CW, as Julie hands it to her) "What's in the box?" (GCW) "Just a little something from the hottest new voosh music sensation." [HoloPak: EMMETT LOWERY – "Zmerding Like Crazy"] (CW, thinking to herself) That's my boy!

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