Great Expectations - Part 11

Part 11

I know what you're thinking... and yes, it is assumed she'll come back from the future to live out her life. So none of this "how does she exist as an older person if she just jumped forward in time" or crap to that extent. :P

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - (BG) "Um… Wow… Is that who I think it is???" (CW) "Yep… Meet my older self." (GCW) "Bethany! So good to see you again! Just as I remember you!" (BG) "So I take it you still remember the first child you… sorta gave birth to?" (GCW) "Oh yes, I made it through okay, but I figured younger me needed a little more reassuring… Just for the sake of good health." (CW) "Is this something that I'm gonna do often?" (GCW) "Oh no, dear… We'll keep to ourselves for the most part." (CW) "I was about to say… I don't know if I'd wanna keep getting spoilers on my life." (GCW) "I would certainly advise against it. The space-time continuum is shaky enough as it is… Though I'll tell you this. Nothing's more humbling than actually watching your own funeral." (CW) "Okaaay… That just seems… creepy." (GCW) "Didn't think you had that morbid curiosity, didja?" (BG, realizing something) "Uh… Do I even want to know why you haven't seen me in a long time?"

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