Great Expectations - Part 10

Part 10

It's the return of Senior Citizen Cassie! (Go to "These Are The Good Old Days" to see her first appearance.)

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - (BG) "Seriously? KURT???" (CW) "I made sure to hook up with him before he and Courtney got serious…" (BG) "Wow… So there's a new potential musical talent living in the 22nd Century… And Frances Bean now has a half-brother that she'll probably never meet in her lifetime…" (CW, sitting down dejectedly) "Yeah…" (BG) "You alright there, Cass? What's up?" (CW) "I'm just wondering if I did the right thing. My head's haunted by questions like… Is everyone in my future family intact? Do I still live to be 101? What about that great-granddaughter I got introduced to? I didn't wipe her off the face of the earth, did I?" (Offscreen voice – no fair guessing who) "I can probably answer those questions, young'un." [Yep. It's "Great grandma" Cassie from the 2080's.]

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