Great Expectations - Part 9

Part 9

Yes, that's Emmett as in Doc Brown.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [2102] (Doctor, who has just finished the "procedure") "It's out! Now all we need to do is place the fetus inside the unit, hook the supply hose up to the placenta… and… we're done!" (CW) "Cool…" (Doctor) "When do you want to get your child?" (CW) "I won't… I'm giving it up for adoption." (Doctor) "Oh, bless you heart… We rarely ever see any newborn babies up for adoption these days, but there's still a lot of people wanting them… We almost had an egg donation drive because of the demand! (looks at the holo-readout) Looks like it's a boy… What do you want to name him?" (CW) "I was just gonna let the adoptive parent do that…" (Doctor) "Well, we gotta enter a name on the form. They can always change it…" (CW, thinking) "Okay, in that case… Call him… Emmett." [Great Scott!] (Doctor) Good… Now sign on this tile… Now we'll check the national DNA database for the father, it's just a legal procedure… (shocked look) Oh wow… Is this a designer baby?" (CW) "Um… That's not illegal, is it?" (Doctor) "Oh, no, we get them all the time… But I didn't think anyone could come up with the DNA of Kurt Cobain!" (CW, thinking quickly) "I… got it from a… guitar of his… at a rock museum!"

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