Great Expectations - Part 8

Part 8

It took me almost half an hour to get Cassie's legs exactly where I wanted them.

(That just sounds so suggestive out of context. :P)

Also: Cassie's assumed name may sound familiar to some of you... that's because it's the same one as her cameo character in Off Hours.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [2102] (CW) "So… Why are we doing this 40 years after the incubator craze?" (ND) "In this time period health care is at its most affordable and accessible." (Receptionist, who we later learn is named "Nova") "Destiny Logan?" (CW, as "Destiny") "That would be me… Wish me luck, Nicki!" (Female Doctor) "Hi, Miss Logan. I'll be performing the extraction. Just relax and we'll take care of everything." (CW, on the "extraction seat") "Okay, I'll… try. I'm new to this." (Doctor) "First I'll examine you so we can get the best-fitting retriever for you. (looking with what appears to be a laser sight contact lens) Nova, get me a size 4 speculum and link it to patient file 5278. Now, what's going to happen is once the retriever is in there, the nanorobots will gently separate the fetus from your uterus and generate a sac to protect it… Then we dilate your vagina just enough for the fetus to pass through safely so we can set it up in an incubator, where it'll finish growing to full-term size." (Nova, returning with the "unit") "The unit's programmed and ready to go, Doctor!" (CW) "Um… Is it supposed to look like a dildo?" (Doctor) "That's just so it doesn't feel strange down there. Makes the procedure less stressful too!"

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