Great Expectations - Part 7

Part 7

I should start a poll for the ladies, asking if they'd still choose to birth a child the natural way if the "extrauterine gestation" (a.k.a. "ectogenesis") option was available.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - (Nicki continues her "report") The fetus developed inside the makeshift incubator until it reached its ninth month. Isidra then opened the lid and pulled out a perfectly healthy baby girl. Being the first baby to be born from a synthetic pregnancy, Isidra named her Cynthia… and raised her as her own adopted daughter. [Isidra does some more "holo diagramming"] After a few years, Isidra and her team of scientists and nanotech engineers also perfected the process of extracting fetuses – in any stage of gestation – from the mother and transferring them to an incubator. [The Invitria "product launch"] It would take several more years of evaluations, refinements and lots of legal and political wrangling, but by 2055 the first human incubation system, produced by Isidra's newly formed Invitria Corporation, was ready to be marketed to the medical community. [Woman outside a Planned Parenthood (Sign: "This Planned Parenthood location has INCUBATOR VACANCIES!"); woman is wearing a "NO EARLY DISMISSAL" tank top] It was a runaway success. By 2062 human incubators were as commonplace and affordable as laser hair removal in present time. There would still be plenty of natural-childbirth purists, but babies born from incubators became the new societal norm. [A woman tugs her "man" by the tie] And as the choice of prenatal extraction and extrauterine gestation grew in popularity, it had spawned a new sexual revolution, as well as a new dimension of women's liberation. (CD, finishing her report with a photo of Congress) "Eventually the number of abortions dropped to only a few per year… And as an afterthought, Congress passed a law banning all abortion except to save the mother's life. [pause] Nobody protested."

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