Great Expectations - Part 6

Part 6

I enjoyed seeing all of the speculation on DrunkDuck and Twitter. One guy thought it was lead to a Matrix-style conquest by machines. Close, but no cigarillo.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - (ND, explaining her findings to Cassie) "By the mid-2030's, the debate between pro-life and pro-choice had escalated to a boiling point. As riots, protests and fights resembling gang wars were more prevalent than ever." [Female doctor working in a lab; Nicki continues her "report"] Meanwhile, at a renowned Swedish medical institute, an American scientist by the name of Dr. Isidra Richburg was experimenting with stem cells and DNA cloning. Her intended goal was to improve the process of in vitro fertilization. [Dr. Richburg doing a "holopresentation"] But she started to go beyond that… Theorizing that with the right formula of blood, nutrients, DNA and synthetic amniotic fluid, a fertilized egg could develop into a healthy infant… without ever occupying a woman's uterus. [Dr. Richburg taking a delivery from "FrigidFreight"] In 2046, after countless experiments with lab animals, Isidra was ready to try her theory out on a human… So she turned to a friend of hers who ran a stem cell research lab. He sent her an embryo that was one month past fertilization. [Dr. Richburg's "contraption"] Dr. Richburg then placed the embryo in a large contraption that she crudely fashioned together. And inside there it would stay for the next eight months. [The "tank"] It resembled a small drink cooler surrounded by atomizers, dispensers and tubes, all carefully engineered to supply the fragile new life with everything it needed to grow. It was the first Human Incubator.

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