Great Expectations - Part 5

Part 5

What's Nicki talking about? As Mark Tatulli would say, "Stay Tooned"!

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - (ND) "Are you okay, Cassie? You look bothered." (CW) "Nicki… I don't think I'm ready to be a mother yet." (ND) "Did you want to get an abortion?" (CW) "NO! I mean… I don't know… I realize that's a human being living inside me. But there's so much crap a girl goes through in those nine months… and that's something I'm just not ready for." (ND) "How about I go into the future and see what the alternatives are then?" (CW) "That's a great idea!" (ND, activating her time portal) "Okay… Back in a second! (another portal opens – behind Cassie) I'm back!" (CW) "So what did you find out?" (ND) "Well, to start off with… In the year I went to, abortion was made illegal for good." (CW) "Huh??? What time did you go to? I don't know if I like this future…" (ND) "I went to the year

  1. And actually, it got outlawed because there was no longer a need for it."

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