Great Expectations - Part 3

Part 3

What? You thought the CAR WRECK was the BIG surprise??? :)

I got more twists than Auntie Anne, yo!

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [CW is in an ambulance, being carted away from the scene of the accident] (CW, thinking to herself as the siren is going in the background) I guess I'm gonna be okay… Otherwise I'm sure myself, Nicki or Agent Scott would've intervened before this could happen… I hope Beth's alright… [A hospital room, later on; a doctor is going over CW's injuries with her] (Doctor) "Cassie… Looks like we've got a slight arm fracture, a concussion and a few scrapes and bruises, but otherwise the both of you are gonna be fine." (CW) "Oh good, I was getting worried about Bethany!" (Doctor) "Bethany? Is that her name?" (CW, slightly confused by the doc's statement) "Yeah… Bethany… My friend who was in the car with me!" (Doctor) "…In the car with you…" (CW) "Yes!" (Doctor) "So… I take it you're not aware that you're two months pregnant?" [Shocked Cassie is SHOCKED! Dun-dun- DUNNNNNN...]

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