I Find Your Lack Of Funk Disturbing

I Find Your Lack Of Funk Disturbing

The old "Lapti Nek" seemed more otherworldly than what replaced it, which is more suited for a run-of-the-mill Vegas show.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [World2, and CW's online] (YaksPubOwner) So, what do you think about the pub here? (NCDFW) Impressive! And you have the avatars for all the Star Wars characters, right? (YPO) Just the movie and TV guys for now... but we're working on the comic books at the moment (NCDFW) Awesome! I think I'll get myself an Aayla Secura makeover for when I drop by here again (YPO) Excellent choice, young Padawan, it'll look good on you :) (NCDFW) And I'm not even a Star Wars fanatic... she just looks sexy to me in an alien-hotness sort of way :) (YPO) We get all kinds in here, from the casual film fans to the full-on hardcore Jedi freaks (NCDFW) I know some guys who can get all incensed over the weirdest things in a Star Wars film. (YPO) Really? Do tell! (NCDFW) Well, you remember the uproar over the Special Edition retooling of the original trilogy, right? [Star Wars Convention, in Plano, Texas] (Star Wars fan, dressed as a Jedi, holding a "BRING BACK LAPTI NEK!!!" sign, ranting at CW) "So what if it sounded like new-wave Disco? That song should've STAYED in 'Return of the Jedi'! The new one SUCKS!"

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