Some Say It's Bad, Some Say It's Legendary

Some Say It's Bad, Some Say It's Legendary

Nowadays, the Roxanne Wars are quite legendary.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [1987] (MG, with CW in a "record store", which was a place where people used to go to buy "albums" so they could listen to "music" on a "phonograph") "Hey Cass, you ever heard of the big 'Roxanne' feud?" (CW) "Uh... Something involving Sting?" (MG) "Wrong 'Roxanne.' UTFO made a rap song called 'Roxanne Roxanne' which became a hit and spawned countless imitators... [holding a copy of said UTFO album] Starting with 'Roxanne's Revenge', then there was 'The Real Roxanne', and then there were all sorts of unofficial spinoffs like 'Roxanne's Parents', 'Roxanne's Doctor'..." (CW, picking up another album) "`Roxanne's DOG'???" (MG) "Anyway, that went on for a few years and then died down... But I think I've come up with a good premise to jump-start the 'Roxanne' thing for the 2010's!" (CW, reading Matt's note) "`Roxanne's SECRET LESBIAN LOVER'?" (MG) "And that would explain why she was blowing off all those UTFO guys, right?"

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