Philly Stakeout

Philly Stakeout

I almost didn't know what to do in this strip... until I saw Robb Armstrong's Jump Start strip, with the cell-phone-time-machine storyline that was going on at the same time. I just had to chime in on that one.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - (CW talks to Hijinks Ensue creator Joel Watson at DWEX, the Dallas Webcomic Expo) "Thanks a bunch! I'll be sure to check out your podcasts!" (JW) "Cool! Take Care!" (CW) "Hey there, Agent Scott! What are you doing here at DWEX?" (KS) "Well, I happen to be a big fan of 'Tubularman' and 'Gunshow'... But I also needed to tell you to be extra careful about keeping your time travel device out of the wrong hands." (CW) "I've been real careful... Did something happen?" (KS) "Yyyeah. Recently a cell phone with the time-travel technology went missing from our labs. Fortunately we just now tracked it down." (CW) "Well, that's good to know." (KS) "Apparently, some lady named Marcy Cobb picked it up in Philadelphia and went back to 1985 with it!"

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