Not Exactly The Cave Of Time

Not Exactly The Cave Of Time

Did you know that this year marked the 30th anniversary of the Choose Your Own Adventure series' debut? I read those books all the time as a kid. Bantam stopped publishing them in 1998, but they're now independently published by Chooseco LLC.

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TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - "According to the ancient lore, this is where the idol belongs... and when it is returned to its rightful place on the pedestal, the prophecy will be fulfilled," says Arturo. "It's up to you now." You stare at the idol in your hand, wondering if this would be a wise thing to do. --- If you place the idol on the pedestal, turn to page 17. If you take the idol and run back down the temple steps, turn to page 54. (CW, reading a "Choose Your Own Adventure" book, to herself) Hmmm. Page 17 sounds like it could be good... (Off-screen voice) "STOP! It's a trap!" (CW – from the FYOO-CHA! – steps in behind current CW) "The temple crumbles and you fall to your death! The ending's MUCH better on the other page." (CW) "Whoa... Okay. [looking over at Matt's eye rolling] Hey, it's been years since I read one of these. I just wanted a happy ending on the first try!" (MG) "And you say that I'M being wasteful with the time machine..."

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