A Nightmare On Keith's Street - Part 4

Part 4

Kilroy Was Here... and so was Master Blaster, Q*Bert, My Little Pony (Amanda Harpold), Madonna (Jessica Riojas), Cherry Darling, R2D2, Choochoobear and Wingman!

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [Cassie is texting Nicki back home] (timewarpcassie DM @nickifembot) Everything OK back at the house? How's the trick-or-treat traffic? (nickifembot DM @timewarpcassie) Getting lots of kids at the door. Matt's costume idea has been a huge hit! [KS as Master Blaster, with Kilroy from Styx's "Mr. Roboto" and Q*Bert in the background] (CW, finding Matt in the party) "Uh, Matt? What exactly did you suggest to Nicki for a costume idea?" (CW) Something that only SHE could pull off. Quite literally, I might add…" [BG as Smurfette, with My Little Pony and Madonna in the background] (ND, back at Casa Cassie, dressed up as Cherry Darling from "Planet Terror" – complete with machine-gun leg!) "Hey kids! Want some candy?" [Three kids dressed up as R2-D2, Wingman from Evil Inc., and ChooChoo Bear from Something Positive] (Wingman kid) "Whoa..." (Choo-Choo Bear kid, running scared, as he just saw Nicki's "severed limb" in the window) "AAAHHH!!! THAT LEG'S MOVING!"

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