A Nightmare On Keith's Street - Part 3

Part 3

Carmen Scott, Keith's wife, is not really a dwarf... but she is just under five feet tall. And for those of you unfamiliar with Star Trek: The Next Generation, she's Tasha Yar, an early cast member who got killed off after only a couple seasons.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [Arrival at the Party] (Carmen Scott, dressed as Tasha Yar from ST:TNG) "You must be Cassie! Glad you could make it! I'm Carmen, the Agent's wife!" (CW) "Hey! Pleased to meet you!" (CW, doing the introductions) "This is Chad, Matt and Bethany…" (CS) "Cool… (to BG) Are you Smurfette?" (BG) "Yep. Before the makeover!" (CW) "So where is Agent Scott?" (CW) "He should be down soon.. Oh, here he is!" (KS, as… Master Blaster?) "WHO RUNS BARTAHTOWN???" (Chad, very impressed) "MASTER BLASTER? That is just WAY too awesome!!!" (CW) "That's a robot, isn't it…" (KS) "That's right, 300 pounds of robotic technology on loan from The Company!"

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