A Nightmare On Keith's Street - Part 2

Part 2

It's easy to get those two names mixed up, ain't it? Dale Bozzio was one of my rock-star crushes when I was a kid that just discovered MTV. I also liked Cyndi Lauper, Tiffany and boy-toy-era Madonna... however, the rock chick that pwned them all was not even a lead singer, but a keyboardist for Prince named Lisa Coleman. She was teh hotness in the 80s.

Also: Times Like This is TWO YEARS OLD today! :D

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [Austin, Texas] (CW, dressed up as the lead singer for Missing Persons) "Ready, Matt?" (MG, dressed up as a Ghostbuster, along BG, who is a Smurfette) "Yeah, I just need t— [gets a load of CW's costume] WOW! Are you supposed to be Terry Bozzio from Missing Persons? TOTAL hotness!" (CW, with Chad, who is dressed as Axl Rose) "Terry Bozzio, huh?" (MG) "Hell yeah, I so had the hots for Terry Bozzio in fifth grade!" (CW) "Matt, dear, the hot chick from Missing Persons was DALE Bozzio… Terry Bozzio was the drummer… AND a GUY." (MG) "Ohhh… (realizing) No, Um, Dale was who I meant to…" (CW, singing) "Matt's gayyy for Ter-ryyy! Matt's gayyy for Ter-ryyy!" (MG) "How about you SHUT THE FUCK UP before I SLIME you, miss 'What Are Words For'…"

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