A Nightmare On Keith's Street - Part 1

Part 1

Don't let the name fool you... This four-parter isn't gonna be a murder mystery, just my annual Halloween-party stuff. I couldn't think of anything else to fit the 80's theme.

And I apologize for any disturbing mental images that may result from today's gag. :P

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - (CW, lying on the couch with FWB Chad) "Hey Chad, you wanna come with us to Austin for our friend's Halloween party?" (Chad) "Sure, sounds like fun!" (CW) "There's only one catch. The party has an Eighties theme, so whatever you dress up as has to be something from that decade." (Chad, looking at her) "Okaaaay… So I guess 'Star Wars' is out of the question?" (CW) "Well, not if you go as Yoda or an Ewok. There were two of those films that came out in the Eighties, you know." (Chad) "Damn, and I had a good Darth Vader costume, too!" (CW) "Take it with you… You can help me fulfill a sexual fantasy I always had involving Vader!" (Chad) "I don't think I wanna know how lightsabers would be involved…"

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