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TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [Cassie's Facebook Page!] Cassie Wells Ugh... I had such a rough day today. I almost destroyed a valuable piece of equipment at work, I nearly got in a wreck coming home, and on top of that, my computer monitor died. I can't wait to soak in a hot bath and drink some herbal green tea. 3 hours ago Matt Gahan likes this. Cassie Wells WTF, Matt?? You like it when I'm suffering? 3 hours ago Matt Gahan No way! I was liking the fact that you were gonna take a bath and unwind and all that. 3 hours ago Cassie Wells So now you like it when I'm taking a bath? How long have you BEEN a Peeping Tom??? O_O 3 hours ago Bethany Gibson ROFLMAO Matt you're such a perv!!! :D 2 hours ago Matt Gahan I give up. You all suck. 2 hours ago Cassie Wells LOL Matt I'm just messing with ya sweetie. :) 50 minutes ago Cassie Wells And don't think I didn't see that comment you posted and then deleted after a few seconds. I sent Nick back a few hours ago to monitor this thread. :P 50 minutes ago Matt Gahan I can't hide ANYTHING from you, can I... :/. 40 minutes ago

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