It's A Wonderful Nightlife - Part 5

Part 5

Remember the Game Boy Color? That's what Nelson's occupied with while in line for Lilith Fair tickets.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [1988] (CW, driving her scooter through the time portal with Kat on the back) "Now, hopefully I've got all this right, based on all the stories you told through the years..." (Kat) "This is my old neighborhood!" (CW) "EXACTLY! And remember when you were so frustrated by 'Super Mario'?" (Kat) "I sure do, now that you mention it!" (CW, as they peek in on her younger self playing Nintendo with Nelson) "Not only did Nelson get you past the tough levels, he coached you on them so that you could do it yourself!" (80's Nelson) "Okay, now you jump there... And drop down to there... and now you're at the boss at the end!" (80's Kat) "Oh wow! Yay!" [1993] (CW) "And here's something interesting that I found... Remember your complaints about how crass Nelson and his friends were?" (Kat) "Well, yeah..." (CW, smiling as they look on at Kat & Nelson watching MTV) "You seem to have forgotten how dropdead hilarious you found a certain 'crass' TV Show.." (Beavis, doing his Cornholio imitation on TV as younger Kate & Nelson crack up) "I am CORNHOLIO! Feel thee force of myee fart-bombs!" (Butthead) "Dammit, Beavis!" [1999] (CW, watching from afar as Nelson is in a very long queue) "And don't forget... Nelson had no interest in going to the 'Lilith Fair'... but because he loved you so much, he waited in line for hours just so you could get some real good seats!" (Kat) "Lilith Fair was one of the happiest days of my life! And Nelson made it all possible..." (CW) "See? No amount of 'guy talk' will change the fact that he has a heart of gold!"

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