It's A Wonderful Nightlife - Part 3

Part 3

Continuing the Tiki Coladas crossover...

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - (Kat) "Ugggh... Nelson is such a JERK!!! I wish I'd never met him!" (CW) "Guy trouble, Kat?" (Kat) "Oh, hey, Cassie. Yeah, I think we're done for good this time. He and his friends do nothing but act like pure barbarians! And I really don't want my baby to be brought up in that kind of environment!" (CW) "I find that hard to believe." (Kat) "You know, I find it hard to believe he even truly loves me anymore!" (CW) "Sweetie, I've known you and Nelson for almost three years now, and I know that he loves you very much and would never want to hurt you. In fact, I can prove to you how much he's cared about you through the years!" (Kat) "And how do you expect to do that?" (CW) "Well, can you keep a secret? A HUGE secret?"

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