It's A Wonderful Nightlife - Part 2

Part 2

We've crossed over to the hippest, wildest club in the Metroplex, Tiki Coladas!

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - (CW) "So. Whaddya think?" (MG) "I gotta say this is one hell of an interesting club!" (CW) "Yeah, you don't see this type of crowd at any other nightspot!" (MG) "I'll say. They got a paranoid conspiracy-nut squirrel [Stash], a fruity monkey [Francisco], a frog that plays with puppets [Lenny]... But I do like the drink selection! That Nelson guy makes a mean tiki colada!" (CW) "Don't forget the flying beaver!" (MG) "Huh? Is that another specialty drink of theirs? [Bruce the Beaver goes flying overhead as they duck] (CW) "Nope. Literally... A flying beaver." (BG) "A PERVERTED beaver, THAT'S for sure!!!" (Bruce, off-screen) "I'm not a pervert, just a butt connoisseur... ow..."

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