It's A Wonderful Nightlife - Part 1

Part 1

We now start another storyline... this time it's gonna be a full-fledged crossover with Tiki Coladas!

(Although Jonathan Caustrita's epic webcomic series has gone offline, the crossover strips have been preserved on my Imgur account and can be found here.)

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [CW, BG and MG are all at CW's favorite club, Tiki Coladas] (CW) "I can't believe I never took you to this place before, Matt!" (MG) "Looks pretty cool so far." (BG) "I love how we can get here by light rail now. It's only a couple blocks from Tiki's to the new station!" (CW) "Which reminds me... The train going back will stop here a half-hour from now, so remind me to set the time machine to that point!" (BG) "Work has just been brutal this week. I sure could use a flaming apple martini or two right now." (MG) "Yeah, tonight couldn't come soon enough for me, it's time to party!" (BG) "Now, just to warn you. The security at the front door can be pretty harsh!" (MG, looking down at Portland the Pig, head of security at TC) "That... uh, Pig? I think... No, I know I can handle him!" (CW) "Check it out! Isn't this place just awesome!" (MG, bent over in pain, since he didn't know that Portland was rumored to have been an ex-Navy SEAL) "URK... Yeah, but I gotta wonder if it's really worth the cavity search..."

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