Back To The Garden - Part 18

Part 18

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [Road tripping back from Woodstock – in the present day] (CW) "Thanks for the ride, Agent Scott! You didn't have to drive us all the way back!" (KS) "Hey, cross-country road tripping is the only way to get to and from the biggest concert event of the Sixties! Of course, we can't do a cross-country road trip without gas... and right now we do need more of that." (MG) "Good... I need to make a piss-stop." [pulling into the station – full service?] (Attendant) "Fill'er up?" (KS) "If you could, please!" (ATT) "So, what brings you folks to my petroleum palace?" (KS) "We're driving home from Woodstock... er, actually, the site where they had the first Woodstock festival in '69." (ATT) "Really? My mom says that's where I was conceived. She never did find out what happened to my dad, though. (It's suddenly rather obvious who his dad is – with someone's trademark bulb-nose...) Have a safe trip!" (MG, returning with a bag of chips) "What???"

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Finally our epic Woodstock storyline comes to an end.

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