Back To The Garden - Part 16

Part 16

Well, so much for the sweet ride...

And it turns out there's someone ELSE that's been doing a bit of a Woodstock storyline... the syndicated strip "Edge City"!

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [1969; Festival's end] (CW) "You sure you don't wanna ride back with us?" (NB) "Yeah. We're gonna hook up with some dudes we met and follow the Dead to Seattle!" (BF) "Thanks for the ride here, sweetie! We'll remember this forever!" (BG) "Ohhh... I am SO worn out." (MG) "I haven't had a decent shower in fuckin' DAYS!" (ND) "I'm certain my synthetic skin will be reeking of marijuana for a while!" (CW) "There's no telling where the rest of our clothes ended up." (MG) "But MAN, what an experience!" (CW) "Lots of awesome bands, plenty of interesting people and good vibes all around!" (MG) "I wish it could've gone on forever. Still, I can't wait to get back to the comfort of our nice air-conditioned VAN!" (BG) "Uh... Guys...?" [WHAT van? The front wheel is sticking up in the air...]

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