Back To The Garden - Part 9

Part 9

Yes, that's Matt & Bethany high on weed. No, I'm not gonna do a stupid anti-drug disclaimer or PSA. Legalize it, dammit!

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [1969; KS is doing some "personal business" in the bushes...] (CW) "Did you come back here just because of us?" (KS) "Partly. I always wished I could've gone to Woodstock. But I was still in diapers at this point in time. [emerges from the bushes] So I am here because of you. And I do thank you for that. And don't worry about displacing future relationships, we monitor that kind of activity, and as long as you all play it safe, and Matt's using condoms, you should have zero effect on the future." (CW, suddenly realizing) "Oh shit... I never thought about that. I don't think he's got any condoms! And who knows how many 'free-lovers' he's hooked up with already!" (KS, reaching into his "Nam Vet" disguise) "Not to worry, I came prepared with some 'man-pills'. One of these and he'll be shooting blanks for a couple of days! Now all we need to do is catch Matt in a drug-induced haze... And I'm guessing that shouldn't be a difficult task." (CW) "Finding him, though... That'll be a problem with half a million here. Nightingale, can you spot him?" (ND) "My radar indicates he is 72 yards in that direction." (KS, as "Nam Vet") "DUUUUDE! You gotta try this acid man, it'll blow your MIND!" (MG, bong in hand as BG looks on) "Whoa, sweet..."

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